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At Wolverine VFX, we're not just about visual effects.

We're about making your cinematic dreams a reality, affordably. From episodic series to blockbuster films, our expertise is your secret weapon.


Wolverine VFX

Award-winning VFX at a fraction of the cost

Say goodbye to overages - on time results without sacrificing quality



Background repair example, changing the color of trees

Wolverine excels in providing cutting-edge Background Repair solutions that combine technical precision and artistic ingenuity. 


From minor touch-ups, to extensive set extension and replacements, our talented artists deliver seamless results to every project with unmatched realism and creativity.

Background Repair
3D CGI example, adding rotors to a helicopter

Our team of skilled creators specializes in inserting invisible effects to enhance your footage.


This can range from creating realistic 3D replicas of existing elements shot on set to crafting stunning CG graphics that seamlessly blend into your footage.


Our team of artists can enhance your actors using non-invasive techniques ranging from subtle modifications like removing blemishes and tattoos to more extensive changes such as de-aging characters.


We are adept at fixing continuity errors and combining different takes to create the ultimate version of your story.

Digital Makeup
Digital makeup example, wire removal

From minor touch-ups to full screen replacements and graphic animations, we handle it all. Our main goal? Making your screens look like they were filmed naturally on set, offering you the flexibility to insert the perfect elements in post. 


Our motion artists can design news programs, digital interfaces, and any art department element you could need.

Screen Replacements
Screen replacement example, adding a phone screen